Haruru Falls, Paihia

Paihia, Bay of Islands


Bay of Island's Tourist Centre



Russell, Bay of Islands


Where history first began



Opua, Bay of Islands

"Port of Opua"

Bay of Islands Marina


We live in the beautiful Bay of Island and are one of the few manufactures whose owners have hands on in the workshop


Bay of Islands

The South Pacific's favourite playground

The Bay of Islands consists of over 100 islands and crystal clear waters



The Bay of Islands has a worldwide reputation for being one of the best big game fishing destinations and all World Records for Striped Marlin are held on this coast. The Bay of Islands Swordfish Club is the second oldest game fishing club in the world and the area is known as the Eldorado of big game fishing.


The Bay of Islands which boasts over 100 islands and 1100 miles of coastline is a favourite destination for water type activities whether it be sailing, fishing, diving, swimming with the Dolphins or just lazing in the sun.


Its crystal clear waters and safe swimming beaches are a great invitation for holiday makers who make the journey year after year. The Bay of Islands is also renowned for its balmy weather and long Indian summers. The region is also called the winterless north as temperatures rarely get below 12 degrees Celsius during the winter months.


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Swim with the Dolphins




Diver's Paradise




Golf Course at Waitangi

with commanding views of the Bay of Islands



Yachties cruising playground