Photo Albums of Distinction



Large size Swamp Kauri photo album shown



Photo albums also available in the following


Please note that photo albums & page sizes are in metric and photo sizes are in historical inches


Product Album Size Page Size Photo Sizes Pages
Small 200 x 155 x 30 180 x 115 6x4 20
Medium 235 x 200 x 30 216 x 147 6x4 / 7x5 20
Large 315 x 265 x 35 210 x 297 (A4) 6x4 / 7x5 / 8x7 30
Deluxe 300 x 350 x 40 260 x 265 x 35 6x4 / 7x5 / 8x7 40


Guest Books


Product Album Size Page Size Pages
Guest Book 150 x 265 x 30 135 x 215 50
Medium Guest Book 235 x 200 x 30 216 x 147 50



Each  photo album  is  lovingly  handcrafted from either the Rich Warm Brown of Heart Rimu or the shimmering glow of New Zealand's Swamp Kauri


All photo albums can be plain but most are engraved with any of the symbols in either the beautiful translucent

blue/green Paua shell or the Mother of Pearl with its subtle pink and blue hues.


Each Swamp Kauri photo album includes: a copy of the carbon dating certificate,   unique article written from Tane Mahuta’s view point and “Have we lost touch with nature?” Both articles were specially written for New Zealand Timber Products.


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